Wildlife in Italy: Jay Garrulus glandarius

Wildlife in Italy: Jay Garrulus glandarius

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Systematic classification and distribution

Class: Birds
Order: Passeriformi
Family: Crows
Kind: Garrulus
Species: glandarius

Species widespread throughout Europe, Asia and northern Africa. In Italy also present with two subspecies, it is stationary and nesting.

Ghiandaia (photo

Jay - Garrulus glandarius (photo

Distinctive characters

Total length: 33-36 cm
Wingspan: 52-58 m
Weight 150-200 grams

The dominant color is purplish brown with characteristic wing coverings with blue and black bars; white spot on the wings and on the back which contrasts with the black tail.


The preferred habitat of the Jay is the deciduous forest: oak, chestnut and scrub woods. Very grumpy animal and difficult to approach; it lives in small groups flying from tree to tree. The mating period begins in March-April. The couples isolate themselves and provide for the construction of a very rough nest generally on top of the trees, where 5-6 eggs are laid which are incubated for 16-17 days by both parents; the young leave the nest after 19-29 days. Generally there is only one annual brood. The diet is mainly vegetable (acorns, chestnuts etc.) but also of animal origin (eggs and small mammals).
Seemingly heavy flight, beaten and gliding.

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Video: Slow motion clip of a small group of jays Garrulus glandarius fighting over food, Wales, UK (July 2022).


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