Horse breeds: Lipizzaner

Horse breeds: Lipizzaner

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Origins and attitudes

The land of origin of Lipizzaner is Lipizza, a town close to Trieste (today in Slovenia), Italian until the Second World War and before that even Austrian. The origins date back to the mid-sixteenth century. On the initiative of Archduke Charles of Styria, third son of Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria. The good quality of the horses that populated the Karst and the Aquileia region and its favorable climate contributed to influencing the choice of the Lipizza area, as well as its proximity to areas of great breeding tradition for the production of excellent horses.
The current production of the Lipizzaner horse bred in purity, derives from two Italian stallions (Conversano and Napolitano), two Klaudrubs, a Danish and an Oriental Arabian.
It is the horse of the famous Spanish school of Vienna founded in 1729 by Charles of Austria.
At the end of the Second World War, Italy managed to preserve (like Austria and Yugoslavia) a very large and complete nucleus of the families that make up the Lipizzaner Race. In a daring way, in the spring of 1945, the breed records and a precious herd were handed over to the Italian Ministry of Defense, which hosted them in the Centers of Montemaggiore. Later, the competence passed to the Ministry of Agriculture which entrusted its management to the Experimental Institute for Zootechnics, located a short distance away from the State Experimental Company of Tor Mancina in Monterotondo. In the Experimental Company of the Italian State, for 50 years the white Lipizzan horses have been bred in purity with great seriousness and competence.
Italy, by virtue of its State breeding of Lipizzaner Horses, has been able to join the Lipizzan International Federation. The herd book of the breed was established with D.M. 01/31/84 at the Italian Breeders Association (Tiziano Bedonni - 1995 -
Today it is bred, as well as in Lipizza, in Austria (Piber), in Italy (Monterotondo - Rome) and in Hungary.
Saddle and carriage horse.

Morphological characters

Type: meso-dolicomorphic.
Coat: especially gray, but also white, bay, morello and roan.
Height at the withers: 150 - 160 cm.
Weight: 480 - 550 kg.
Docile, patient, willing, strong and sociable character.

Lipizzaner horse (photo

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