Forest cultivation: Larch black pine

Forest cultivation: Larch black pine

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Classification, origin and diffusion

Division: Spermatophyta
Subdivision: Gymnospermae
Class: Coniferae
Family: Pinaceae

The black pine subspecies laricio is a plant native to southern Europe. In Italy it is found in Calabria, Basilicata and Sicily. It is found in splendid formations in the Pollino National Park, in Aspromonte and Sila (in particular in the area of ​​lakes Arvo and Ampollino and along the slopes of Etna (in particular along those of Linguaglossa).

Larch black pine - Pinus nigra subsp. laricio Maire (photo Paul Fontaine

Larch black pine - Pinus nigra subsp. laricio Maire (photo Paul Fontaine

General characteristics

Size and bearing
Up to 40 meters high (exceptionally even over 50 meters), in the shape of a pyramid and light crown.
Trunk and bark
It has a slightly branched trunk with thin, expanded branches arranged in boxes; the bark is not very thick, scaly and dark gray in color.
Needle-like, persistent, dark green in color. Compared to black pine, the larch subspecies has flexible, non-rigid and poorly pungent needles.
Reproductive structures
The cones are shiny brown-fawn colored; the seeds are dark and ripen every two years.


The wood is very resinous and is used for building constructions, as fuel and to obtain cellulose.

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