Breeds of dogs: Chien d'Artois

Breeds of dogs: Chien d'Artois

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Origin, classification and history

Origin: France.
F.C.I classification: Group 6 - hounds and dogs by blood trail.

Chien d’Artois (Cane d’Artois) is a rather ancient breed. It was born from the cross between a "Bracco" and a "Hound of St. Uberto", which is present in almost all the breeds followed by the French. In the past, this dog was larger in size. It was part of the royal wetsuits used to hunt big wild. This breed was used, especially in the times of Henry IV and Louis XVIII. At one time it was called "Chien picard". It is a breed specialized in small game, it is also successfully used on wild boar, as it was on wolves.

General aspect

Medium sized dog. Typical French pack dog, with characters that distinguish a well-shaped and structured breed, with good musculature and not very long construction. It differs from the "Artésien Normand" type by its shorter diameters, a drier head, flatter ears. Its coat is white with black or fawn-black spots. It has an elongated head, with a strong skull and long ears, attached low. His expression is broad and reflective, while his movements are quick and fast.


The breed is currently used in small wetsuits, for hunting hare, it is very serious at work and friendly to humans. He can live at home, as long as he is guaranteed the necessary movement every day. His behavior is usually solemn and peaceful. A little wary of strangers.

Chien dArtois (photo

Chien dArtois (photo


Height: from 52 to 58 cm at the withers.
Weight: from 18 to 24 kg.

Trunk: thorax quite wide and moderately descended. rather rounded ribs. Back of medium length and well supported, with good musculature, especially at shoulder height. Broad and muscular kidneys, slightly rounded. Hips descended and very full. Also muscular. Croup well attached to the kidneys, broad and slightly steep.
Head and muzzle: large, broad, rather short, slightly square at the bottom in the terminal part. Muzzle wide and straight, slightly elongated. Lips a little thick. Quite convex skull. The occipital crest is slightly accentuated.
Truffle: black, large and well open, which, at times, makes the muzzle appear a little upwards.
Teeth: complete in number and development.
Neck: quite long and powerful, very little dewlap.
Ears: a little thick, wide, almost flat, but long enough, attached at eye level.
Eyes: salient, large, wide open. They have a melancholy and sweet expression, very taut eyelids that never let you see the mucous membrane.
Limbs: large forelegs, with correct appendages. Metacarpus long enough. Thighs descended and full. Angled hocks. Feet thick, but dry and sufficiently closed; better a little stretched than too round. Beautiful black plant, resistant and compact.
Shoulder: a little straight, very muscular.
Gait: flexible, marked and calm movements; they do not have the speed and impetuosity of Franco-English.
Musculature: good development.
Tail: quite long, ear and sickle-shaped.
Skin: rather thick.
Hair: satin, thick and rather coarse.
Allowed colors: dark fawn tricolor, tending to hare or badger color, with large spots. The head is usually tawny, sometimes shaded with anthracite.
Most common defects: colors not allowed by the standard, ears too short and not flat enough, prognathism, enognatism, incorrect gait, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, very long muzzle, too descended thorax, narrow thorax, measures out of standard.

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