Breeds of canaries: Paduan

Breeds of canaries: Paduan

Origin: Italy, city of Padua.

The selection of this breed started in 1940. It descends from the Crest, crossed with various breeds of curl, especially with the Paris curl. Today this breed is widespread in Europe. Originally only uniform subjects of one color were allowed in the breed, then the standard was updated and all colors are currently accepted. It is a canary that reproduces easily. As in many other breeds the only feasible coupling is that between the tufted head and the smooth head.

Cut it:
Length cm. 17-18, perfect proportions - Points 10.

Very erect; head, trunk and tail in line; horizontal angle of about 65 ° - Points 10.

Silky, voluminous, composed; feathery on the abdomen, whose upper feathers tending downwards leave a characteristic void with the overlying jabot; all colors allowed, but the color of the pileus contrasting with the lipochromic one of the body - Points 15.

Shoulder pads:
Well divided, symmetrical, voluminous (thick, wide and extended to the whole back) - Points 10.

Voluminous (thick and wide), supported, symmetrical, curved upwards until they go beyond the edge of the straps - Points 10.

Voluminous, symmetrical, with the feathers that converge from the sides to the center and from the bottom they tend upwards without closing completely - Points 10.

Head and neck:
Tufted head: centered forelock, symmetrical and broad d to fall on the beak and eyes. Smooth head: maximum width with drooping eyebrows. Neck: evident, smooth and thick, with a complete collar at the base - Points 15.

Regular (complete with intact, normally developed and hawksbone feathers), well worn (adhering to the body, neither falling nor crossing) - Points 5.

Lower limbs:
In good extension; legs with close-fitting plumage and partially (1/4) visible under an evident harness; strong, regular tarsi, fingers and nails - Points 5.

Straight, homogeneous, complete, proportionate to the body, preferably not forked; obvious and symmetrical cock feathers; regular undertail - Points 5.

Cleanliness, liveliness, state of health - Points 5.

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