How to Install Poly Pipe Fittings

How to Install Poly Pipe Fittings

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Polyethylene is a material used to create flexible irrigation tubing. Poly pipes are more favorable than PVC pipes in an irrigation system because poly pipes can easily be replaced in a short amount of time and can curve around unmovable objects.

Cut the poly pipe to the desired length. If you are repairing an existing poly irrigation system, cut the pipe so that the end is clean and straight, not angled.

Heat the pipe using a hair dryer or alternative heat source. This swells the pipe and allows for a tight fit once the pipe cools.

Place a hose clamp over the poly pipe.

Install the poly pipe fitting. Poly pipe fittings are either threaded or barbed. Threaded poly pipe fittings can be turned while applying pressure, while barbed fittings can be pushed into place without being turned.

  • Cut the poly pipe to the desired length.

Move the hose clamp over the poly pipe and poly pipe fitting. Tighten the hose clamp to the point of resistance, but do not overtighten. Overtightening hose clamps can cause cracking in the poly pipe.

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