Breeds of chickens: Storza

Breeds of chickens: Storza

Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

Bell breed reduced to the status of a relic, so much so that there are a few dozen specimens; it seems that it derives from crosses between Italian poultry with the first cocincine that were imported in Italy which at the time (end of 800) had the aspect of a modern Malay; in fact, its appearance is reminiscent of Mediterranean chickens except for its incredibly long legs.
Teodoro Pascal quotes it in his Summa Gallicana:
"I like to mention another sub-breed of the Italian hen, which has now completely plunged into oblivion and perhaps even extinct. I am referring to the Sturza hen, which until a decade ago flooded the courtyards of Campania: the same is nothing more than the small-crested Italian hen, with an increased volume and reduced walking on stilts, the length of the tarsi is so remarkable. Up and down the sturgeon hen could be called the Barbézieux in Italian characters: the abandonment of this subrace which I would like to call a breed is truly regrettable. "

In 2014 the research of R.A.C. (Club of the autochthonous breeds from Campania) led to the discovery of a small group of specimens on a farm located in the Matese Park, where the subjects found had phenotypic characteristics ascribable to Storza. From those specimens it was possible to start the recovery of the breed, which however is impervious due to the close consanguinity of the subjects and the difficulty in rejuvenating the few living strains.

Morphological characteristics

Breed of robust constitution and discreet laying hens, the young at birth have a yellow down jacket, the growth and the spike are of medium speed, in the young specimens the long legs are much more evident than in the adult specimens.

Crest: simple, smaller than the other bell breeds, carried straight in the rooster, slightly bent to the side in laying hens
Eyes: orange
Beak: yellow
Bargigli: moderately developed
Mumps: white veined with red
Trunk: short and robust
Shoulders: wide, robust
Wings: slightly inclined
Belly: prominent and well developed
Tarsi: yellow, very long
Tail: open and truncated, well detected
Coloration: white
Medium size

Medium weight:
- Roosters 2.5 kg
- Hens 2.0 kg

Eggs: white, medium weight

Serious faults: legs too short, too abundant crest

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Storza breed cock (photo Thomas Del Greco)

Storza hen (photo Thomas Del Greco)

Storza cockerel (photo Thomas Del Greco)

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