Breeds of chickens: Pepoi

Breeds of chickens: Pepoi

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

Dwarf chicken very common in Veneto (north-eastern) and Friuli. And perhaps the only rustic dwarf breed that can be found on the market.
The breeding of this rustic breed is easy to carry out and is recommended for the marketing of the chicken portion. Pépoi chickens have good muscle masses of the breast, excellent for skewers; the meats are very tasty.
Average number of eggs laid in a year: 160-180 (with pinkish shell and weighing 40-45 grams).
Strong aptitude for brooding and care for chicks.

Morphological characteristics

Dwarf size. The coloring of the adult plumage is golden.
The skin and tarsi are yellow.
The chicks have light brown duvet with darker streaks on the back and on the head.
At 4 months the cockerels and pullets weigh about 0.6-0.7 kg.
Medium weight:
- roosters 1.3-1.5 kg
- hens 1.0-1.1 kg.
Sexual maturity is reached at six months in males and at about five months in females.

Pépoi breed rooster and day-old chicks (photo Veneto Agricoltura - Co Va Project)

Group of Pépoi breed hens (photo Veneto Agriculture - Co Va Project)

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