Biotopo Torbiera di Fiave - Trentino

Biotopo Torbiera di Fiave - Trentino

Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Biotope
Region: Trentino-Alto Adige
Province: Trento

The Torbiera di Fiavè biotope, established in 1986, is located in western Trentino, on the edge of an agricultural area between the Terme di Comano and Riva del Garda, in the municipality of Fiavè.

Torbiera di Fiavè - Panoramic view (photo by Mariapia Calza)


The peat bog originated from a lake formed about 14,000 years ago, at the end of the last glaciation. The vegetation of the banks has gradually invaded the body of water until it occupies it almost entirely. The accumulation of the remains of dead plants gave rise to the formation of a thick peat deposit and transformed the lake into a peat bog.
Archaeological excavations have brought to light the remains of one of the most important and interesting inhabited pile dwellings in Europe, dating back to the Bronze Age (2nd millennium BC). The houses built on a small lake is also pushed inside; close to each other. They were connected by walkways and rested on planks supported by knitted poles.

Torbiera di Fiavè - Remains of the stilt houses (photo by Mariapia Calza)


The provincial law (Autonomous Province of Trento) which established protected Biotopes (areas of significant naturalistic, scientific and cultural interest) is no. 14 of 23/06/1986. In 1987, 287 were identified: of these, 219 are defined as being of local interest and their establishment and management is the responsibility of the municipality (municipal biotopes); the 68 most important are classified as provincial (provincial biotopes), and are the responsibility of the Biotopes Office of the Parks and State Forests Service of the Province.

Torbiera di Fiavè - Watchtower for bird-watching (photo by Mariapia Calza)

Information for the visit

Visitor centers
At the town hall of the Comuna di Fiavè you can visit the documentation center on the biotope and the stilt houses of Fiavè.

How to get
By car:
From the north: A22 motorway, exit at Trento center, drive along the road for Tione to the town of Ponte Arche (Terme di Comano), then the provincial road for Riva del Garda until a little further on than the Fiavè hamlet.
From the south: A22 motorway, Mori exit, take the road to Riva del Garda, then towards Lago di Tenno, shortly after the Passo del Ballino.

Parks and State Forests Service of the Autonomous Province of Trento
North Business Center - Via Trener, 3
38100 Trento
Tel. 0461 495833

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